HonorSociety.org Membership Review 2020

College is a pivotal time in a student’s life to learn, network, grow and seek new opportunities.  One avenue many students look to give them a step-up is what’s called an honor society. 

So, what is an honor society? An honor society is a group or organization that evaluates, ranks and recognizes excellence among students. Many honor societies create groups around similar interests such as leadership abilities, academic excellence and overall character. Honor societies can offer a competitive advantage by increasing a students marketability after college and provide many networking opportunities. Membership in such a society while in college has proven to be incredibly beneficial to students. Invitations to honor societies are often earned through participation in leadership activities, a student’s academic accomplishments and of course their hard work.

Students and parents alike are provided with many tools to help members succeed, but sometimes finding the right honor society can be challenging. In this article, we’ll take a look at a great option, HonorSocety.org and give you an unbiased review of what it’s like to be a member. 

What is HonorSociety.org?

Honor Society.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating a person’s academic and professional success. They empower people to achieve their goals through connections and leadership opportunities, scholarships, exclusive member content and even offer career advancement tools. In essence, they are here to help you achieve more. By providing an academic and professional network, they help set the groundwork for future success. Their chapters range from community colleges to large state universities and everywhere in between. Honor Society also offers a multitude of scholarships in a wide variety of options for students across the board. They have scholarships ranging from Community Service, to Study Abroad and so much more for active members. HonorSociety.org really works to provide students so many tools and exclusive member benefits to succeed today and in the future.

What is HonorSociety.org membership acceptance like?

If you have been invited to join Honor Society, congratulations! Many receive an email or letter from Honor Society but you can also sign up on their website to become a member. Like a true Honor Society, they provide an inclusive community and society, and want to give members the tools they truly need to get ahead in life. From career guides to test preparation tools, you are instantly given access as well as the ability to connect with others through their site or social media.That being said, HonorSociety.org is an inclusive yet flexible operation meant to offer multiple pathways to success. While they do honor the traditional value of honorifics, they also serve as a leader within the academic community impacting students and numerous communities by proudly welcoming students and professionals in all fields. By doing so they truly open many doors for their members. They believe that each member has a unique value and strength to bring to the table. 

Does Honor Society have requirements?

Grades and performance are important in college, but they believe there is more that defines each member. While Honor Society doesn’t necessarily have requirements to apply, they do have different rankings depending on your academic excellence and achievements. It feels nice to be recognized for your hard work, and by doing so you can demonstrate dedication and excellence.

Highest Honors- If your GPA is between a 3.8 to a 4.0, then you are eligible to get ranked as “Highest Honors Member”

Honors Member –  If your GPA is between a 3.2 and a 3.49, you are eligible to be ranked as “Honors Member”

By not focusing fully on your grade point average, they allow for a much more diverse community to grow. Believing that some of the traditions of your typical honor society can be exclusionary, HonorSociety.org works instead to be inclusive. Allowing members of different disciplines and abilities furthers this idea of excellence and personal goals for each person.

HonorSociety.org is unique in its vision for inclusivity unlike many others. One example is Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. Membership for this group is invitation-only and requires nomination approval by a chapter. Phi Kappa Phi claims to have over 100,000 members with new members added annually. This honor society is one of the nation’s oldest and most discerning societies with incredibly high standards, but without restriction on the field of study. They even have quite the notable list of alumni including such names as Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. While they do mention they want to be more inclusive, they only accept Juniors and Seniors making it hard for people to join. One more reason our vote is on HonorSociety.org.

What are the advantages of being an HonorSociety.org member?

Honor Society’s priceless resources are one of their biggest pulls for us. They have everything from scholarships to access to global  internship opportunities, and this is just the beginning. Their members span hundreds of campuses nationwide and some are even further. By utilizing today’s technology potential you can connect with members no matter where you are. If there’s not a chapter on your campus, you are given the tools to build your own. They even have a library of articles to brush up on relevant information or learn something new. The more we dive into Honor Society, the more we see just how much they want their members to succeed.

Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of an Honor Society is their wide variety of scholarships available to members. Take for instance, the Honor Society.org Member Spotlight Scholarship.

By creating an Honor Society member spotlight video which includes information about yourself, academic or career goals and general information, you can receive a $2000 scholarship. This scholarship is intended for one recipient per month of the current year. How amazing is that? They truly want to see their members succeed and provide so many opportunities for them to do so. Are you a student that wants to study abroad? They have a scholarship for that.  Are you an active part of your community and provide community service? They have a scholarship for that. 

With Honor Society at your side the possibilities are endless  for you to create your own success and not worry about the financial burden. They even have an Honor Society Foundation Fund in which many donate to fund scholarship opportunities for their students. The community they have built is truly incredible.

We also have to mention the opportunities and access to the large range of social and leadership events that Honor Society provides. They have created quite the hub for  making connections with other students who share similar interests or goals. Not all events have to be all business, in fact, Honor Society likes to have some fun. One of the previous events held by Honor Society was a member night with the L.A. Kings. Members were invited to a free L.A. Kings night with premium seats, tunnel access and so much more. This is just one example of the exclusive member events offered across the nation to society members. By including fun with networking they end up creating a unique environment for members to enjoy. They’ve had events with the Las Vegas Golden Knights, New York Knicks and even Philadelphia’s 76ers. With so many networking events happening  (both business and enjoyment) you’re sure to find an opportunity near you to get to know some other members more personally as well as open potential doors for jobs or internships. Plus, why not jump on the opportunity to meet new friends, network and possibly even explore a city you’ve never been to?

Why choose HonorSociety.org?

We’re sure in your exploration for success tools in college you’ll hear about many honor societies. Generally, honor societies aim to include students who have excelled in academia, shown great leadership skills and more, but what about those who excel in other ways? This is our biggest reason for choosing Honor Society. Their focus on inclusivity and their variety of members really can open the door for more opportunities. Honor Society also extends well outside of students so you don’t need to be in school to join. They provide a platform that makes it a great place for networking, setting and achieving goals, as well as job placement opportunities. Members are instantly given the opportunity to connect with other members, make blog posts and are even given incredible resources like test prep tools. 

While no honor society can come with a guarantee, those that join these societies and are active in them, get back as much as they put into them if not more.

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