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How to Find the Best Tutors

Recently, online tutoring has become one of the most popular resources of students of all ages to learn any subject or topic they want to. One thing that makes online tutoring preferred by most is that students can take their classes online either on a mobile device or on their computer. Plus, it’s relatively cheaper than in-person tutoring. Students love that they can have a look at different courses offered by different tutors and choose one that works best for them.

For students in the USA, whether they want tutoring for the SAT or ACT, or they want to learn Chemistry or Math, one of the best places to learn is HeyTutor!

Why go for online tutoring?

While many argue that learning face-to-face with a physical teacher is better, with how connected the world is today, online tutoring comes with a great deal of benefits.

The best online tutors such as HeyTutor have thousands of different instructors in their database, and they’re available around the clock to help students at the time they find is suitable.

Plus, since online classes have such a flexible schedule and don’t have an extensive commitment of time or require teachers to commute to a location, online tutoring sites attract better teachers, some even with advanced degrees in the subject they teach.

Moreover, most online tutoring platforms have a connected workspace with several tools, such as collaborative text editing and digital whiteboards. As a result, the tutor, as well as the student, feel as if both of them are in the same room.

Finally, with a large number of tutors available online, you have a wide variety to choose from. In other words, you don’t only have to choose tutors present within your locality. Instead, you can be connected to an expert even if he or she is on the opposite side of the country. Their expertise isn’t just limited to academic subjects like nursing or advanced engineering; rather, you can find tutors that help you out with even college tests.

About HeyTutor

Simply put, HeyTutor is an online marketplace that connects students and tutors. Without paying anything, students can have a look at the large database of tutors that is filtered out by subject and location. Meanwhile, tutors can create their own profiles, set their policies and rates, and search for teaching jobs nearby.

Once a session is over, HeyTutor can review their tutors and give honest feedback. As a result, it creates a marketplace online that is built on trust and is driven only by positive results.

HeyTutor aims to ensure that you only get the best learning experience that’s possible. While other tutoring companies do offer similar services, the problem is that their higher price tag isn’t justified. School and college kids, in particular, are usually broke with student loans on their heads, and not all of them can afford to pay the high tutoring fee.

HeyTutor aims to solve this problem. Not only does it provide its services at a reasonable rate, but it also gives students an increasing number of options so that they find the perfect tutor for themselves. In fact, you won’t have to spend a lot of time finding the right tutor since the platform tries to connect you with the best options. So, you can spend more hour learning!

Purpose of HeyTutor

Of course, it’s never easy to admit that you need help, but it’s essential to do that to be successful. The same goes for academics. However, you need to be really careful when going one step ahead and choosing a tutoring service; one wrong choice can set you even back than before.  

Many tutoring companies will tempt you with their unbelievably low cheap rates; however, that doesn’t mean you get the best quality. In fact, in most cases, with such low rates, there’s a high chance that the tutors on such platforms are unprofessional and unprepared. In some cases, they might not even show, or even if they do, they might have even less knowledge of a subject than you do.  

Of course, all of this is highly frustrating and can discourage you from looking online for help in the near future. This is where you need someone, and the best one to rely on is HeyTutor. It makes sure that no student ever has to face such an experience by connecting you with only the best tutors.

What makes HeyTutor one of the top resources?

Some of the reasons you should definitely go for HeyTutor for online tutoring for yourself include:

1. Extensive curriculum

HeyTutor is known for the versatility of subjects and curriculums it provides for its students. Apart from covering a range of subjects ranging from Math to Science, it also covers test preps such as LSAT, SAT, and ACT as well as languages such as Spanish and French. In addition to that, it covers different grade levels.

But perhaps the best thing is that the platform also takes into account those with special needs such as those with autism and has dedicated teachers for such students. There are also teachers for skills like Microsoft Excel, Java, and QuickBooks.

2. Different options for sessions

There’s no secret that online tutoring is preferred by many due to the convenience it provides in terms of scheduling sessions. HeyTutor provides great flexibility in online learning by offering on-demand sessions and even one-on-one sessions with their pro service.

In addition to that, they are available on different social platforms and have a dedicated phone number so that they can help you out with your problem as soon as possible.   

3. Tutor qualifications

A tutoring service cannot be the best until it has tutors with great teaching credentials or proof that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you learn. If tutors are not licensed teachers, then they should at least have some kind of official certification.

One of the worst things is reaching the end of the semester, yet feeling unprepared for your final exams, which is why it’s essential to get the right help early on. However, this is the main problem with most online tutoring services that HeyTutor aims to solve.

They have professional tutors that are not only experienced but are also exemplary. They don’t accept a tutor that doesn’t have a minimum of five years of experience with tutoring or doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree, at least. So, with HeyTutor, you can relax knowing that you will be connected to a person that is particularly tailored to your needs. In addition, if you need a tutor with a specific level of experience, personality traits, or teaching styles, then HeyTutor will filter those out for you and find the best match!

Not to forget, there is a strict hiring process. The platform conducts interviews with all the tutors before they are permitted to work on the site.

4. Learning tools

Of course, a good tutor is one that can teach the subject effectively irrespective of the medium used, so digital tools used for learning online aren’t as important as the person teaching you. With that said, each student grasps concepts in a different manner, and having visual aid can be very helpful. For this reason, HeyTutor offers you a bunch of tools, which include digital whiteboards.

5. Different hour plans

Everyone knows the worth of good tutors. They value commitment and are the first ones to be booked quickly. For this reason, HeyTutor offers different 10, 20, and 30 hour plans. Such plans ensure that tutors get the commitment they’re looking for from students that actually need their help. Plus, these plans give both the tutor and the student to establish a cohesive relationship in order to facilitate learning.  

6. Secure and affordable

HeyTutor has affordable pricing for all subjects and students. Plus, the website uses SSL encryption, so all the payments are completely secure.

How does HeyTutor work?

HeyTutor wants to make learning fun once more and knows that people need a tutor for many reasons. For instance, one could want it for homework, or one could need tutoring for a grand test coming up. Similarly, a student could want to hire a tutor just to learn something new. To facilitate all of that, HeyTutor makes finding the right tutor easy and makes 1-on-1 tutoring not only more convenient but also more affordable. So why you focus just on learning, HeyTutor takes care of everything else.

Here’s how it works:

Note down your needs

First, simply answer a few questions about your availability, the kind of tutor you would ideally want, and the material you want to learn. The platform uses this information and finds a list of suitable tutors that meet the criteria you set.

Get matched

Once you find one a qualified tutor that seems like the right fit for your subject, you can get matched to him or her. You can then go through their profile to see their experience, lessen price, qualifications, availability, and if it matches with your schedule, as well as the experience other students had with the same tutor.

Schedule a Lesson

Finally, you just have to schedule a lesson at a place and time that’s the most suitable for you. Even if it is the weekend, you will find a tutor for yourself!

And with the platform’s Happiness Promise, if you are unsatisfied by the first lesson that your chosen tutor gave you, then you get a complete refund on that particular lesson.


One on one tutoring has proven to be the most effective way of learning. So while you learn, the platform handles everything else that goes on behind the scenes.

Plans available

Currently, there are two plans available.

1. HeyTutor

This plan involves on-demand online tutoring. With this plan, you can find a suitable tutor for yourself in just an hour, and you can take a lesson while in the comfort of your own home. Along with that, this plan offers access to up to thousands of online tutors and a live learning platform for the subjects you want to study.

2. HeyTutor Pro

This is a more premium plan and involves private in-person tutoring. You first mention your pre-requisites, such as what you want in your tutor, your availability, budget, and the subject. Then the platform will handpick the best candidates for you by reaching out to different tutors and confirming their qualifications and availability. In fact, candidates are pre-screened so that you only get the best of the best. This plan also lets you add background checks for just $9. Also, all lessons are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so your money won’t go to waste.

Check it out today!

Whether you have a big paper coming up or just want to learn something new, HeyTutor will definitely have a tutor that meets your specifications and has a teaching style that you prefer. Rest assured, you can easily find someone for you here and guide you along the path of success!

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