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Is Affiliate Marketing and the Partner Program World For You?

We have often heard of words like “affiliates” and marketing rewards given to affiliates but you may be asking yourself does affiliate marketing really make money? In this post we cover details on broad affiliate marketing strategies along with some top tools affiliate marketers use to do their job. You may also be asking yourself if it’s possible to find an affiliate marketing job or if any affiliate marketing jobs are available in the marketplace and what we’ve found to be true is that most professionals working online as affiliates tend to create their own jobs. This is one main aspect of this industry that is so appealing. 

What does it mean to be an affiliate and who leverages this class of marketer to drive sales and revenue?

Businesses that promote other client’s products or services are often referred to as “affiliates”. These affiliates are rewarded by a certain amount of financial commission out of the sale of the product that is made through the affiliate’s marketing efforts. These efforts can range from simple email campaigns with links to purchase products, all the way up to top celebrity and insta-famous promotions of goods and services. Each time a consumer clicks a link being promoted by this individual, the affiliate earns a commission. I am sure you can see at this point by doing a good job as an affiliate, one can earn big money. Before diving in, we do encourage you to seek out an internet marketing course that covers affiliate marketing as either a single module or entire focus. Taking a course on affiliate marketing can really set you ahead of the pack.

But which course should you take? There are literally hundreds of internet marketing and affiliate style courses online to choose from. 

But not everyone who gets into this business actually makes money. So, let’s try to make sense of this whole affiliate marketing thing.

Affiliate marketing could be done for products like software, digital management tools, and other services like data analytics. Here we’ve included 9 of the most popular partner programs online. Each of these have different rules and compensation structures for you to consider but as general reading and research, these ten should give you a very good understanding of what all the affiliate job details can look like. 

Now that you have understood what affiliate marketing is, it is important to take a look at some very effective active affiliate marketing strategies. Let’s take an in-depth look at how certain active affiliate promotional strategies help generate more traffic to your business’s page and also prove to be beneficial for an affiliate business. Some key topics to discuss are:

  • Difference between running ads and affiliate promotional strategies
  • Choosing the right webinar platform
  • Do’s and don’ts for active affiliate promotional strategies 

How is advertising different than affiliate marketing

While the purpose of mainstream advertising, such as social media ads or traditional billboard ads, is more or less the same, there are key differences and multiple types of advertising and promotions. Some of these are:

  • Advertising 

The core difference between advertising and affiliate promotion is that advertisements are paid regardless of whether or not your products are being sold. When you hire a marketer to run ads, you pay them regardless of any changes in your sales. In contrast, active affiliate marketing only pays the affiliate business a commission over the sale that is made by their marketing efforts. 

  • Passive marketing 

In passive marketing, the goal is to increase the sales of a product or a service by solely focusing on the information of the product. It informs, aware, and focuses on the qualities, features, and other aspects of the product/service, rather than directly prompting the audience to go ahead and make a purchase. 

In comparison, active affiliate marketing draws out examples and experiences to encourage readers and audiences to click or visit the business’s page and make a purchase. 


While we discuss several strategies, we can also briefly shed light on why and how affiliate promotional strategies are better or have an edge over traditional advertising. Before you can go ahead and get started with affiliate marketing for your own business, make sure to go through the benefits so you can learn about it. 

  • Cheaper than advertisements

As mentioned earlier, advertisements require you to pay regardless of whether or not the ads are bringing more traffic or sales to your business. This can be costly and rather inconvenient for small businesses. 

In comparison, affiliate marketing takes out a commission to pay to the affiliate business but only does so when a certain portion of sales is made. 

  • Discreet and organic 

Affiliate marketing is inbound with the content you are sharing. It is integrated and therefore has a very natural tone to it. It does not over-advertise a product and promotes it in a relevant context. 

  • Engage customers with new products 

A very prominent and important advantage of affiliate marketing is that it raises awareness of a product that is more of a “want’ than a need. It means that if your product is relatively new in the market, like ConvertKit’s e-mail management system, you can raise awareness in the form of a “recommendation” for the audience. 


A huge chunk of the discussion revolved around the strategies that are related to affiliate promotions. So, here is a list of some important strategies to refer to. 

  • Teaching webinar

 Basically, a teaching webinar puts to use a digital platform over the internet to host a meeting, presentation, or speech. This is like a word derived from “seminar” in the world of the internet. 

A webinar can feed several purposes. It can be educational and informational, conversational, and only for engaging purposes, or can also be an entertainment session. What a webinar does is, it makes the business’s presence online credible, engages the audience to the fullest, and creates traffic on the website. 

A webinar is a great way to generate permanent content for your site. It can be recorded and saved on the website for later usage. This means that unlike temporary advertisements and interactions, your customers can easily lookup for the webinar and re-visit everything that was talked about in it. 

The generation of potential leads is much more efficient with webinars. People who were initially interested in the product or service will be the ones watching the webinar and are therefore most likely to make a purchase. 

In short, webinars offer:

  1.  Greater traffic on site
  2.   More potential leads
  3.   Guaranteed sales
  4.   Healthy customer engagement and interaction
  5.   Gets recorded and is permanent
  6.   Great variety of content for your site
  • Use ConvertKit as a sample tool

The purpose of affiliate promotion is to keep the promotional tone as natural and organic as possible. It is vital to make sure that you do not over-advertise or say things out of context. 

For this reason, an important part to focus on is the mention and usage of ConvertKit as a sample tool. This means you need to draw a picture in the audience’s head by explaining to them how you yourself used the tool and benefitted from it. 

You can also give instances of other well-known brands and companies that have used and benefitted from ConvertKit’s services. This will benefit you and the audience in the following ways:

  1.        The reader/audience of your content will find the product/service to be more reliable if real-life examples are used
  2.      You will be better at demonstrating how to use the tool/product/service

Therefore, an important strategy is to use ConvertKit, or the product you are promoting, as a sample or an example from real life. By mentioning real examples and real results, the audience will be better at understanding the usability of the product. 

  • Follow-up

While we are discussing affiliate promotional strategies, it is almost impossible to ensure healthy and effective marketing without the practice of follow-ups. Whether you are e-mail marketing or incorporating affiliate marketing in your content, you will need to keep up with the following up practice. 

You can put use to ConvertKit’s features that allow you to track e-mails and other responses from your audience. This way, you will be better able to see whether or not the strategies you are following have a good effect, and what kind of changes they need. 

  • Creating a challenge

Another important strategy to focus on is creating a challenge. The aim of this strategy is to target basic human quality: liking to be challenged. Creating a challenge, as discussed, will do the following:

  1.    Generate traffic
  2.    Encourage audience to take certain steps
  3.    Raise awareness amongst the audience and increase word of mouth
  4.    Your customers will also become carriers of information
  5.    Interact with the customers regarding the challenge
  6.    Make the challenge viral

Challenges like sharing the blog’s link with 5 friends, tagging 8 friends in the comments, or getting a certain number of likes to get rewards such as discounts and acknowledgments will all generate more leads. 

  • Planned promotions 

As seen, all the strategies, in the end, depend hugely on planning.  Your promotions should follow a certain path and not be haphazard. You need to be clear with your objectives, with who you are targeting, and how you need it to be. 

  • Going live

Another important advice given here is for businesses that have larger audiences of hundreds of people, and that is to go live. Live feed, such as those on Instagram and Facebook, have become very popular. The best part about them is:

  1. They are highly interactive and engaging
  2. You get real-time access to customer’s reviews and feedbacks/queries
  3. Authentic traffic is generated 

So, if you have a larger-sized business with more people to interact with, live videos are the way to go. 

Things to avoid

We also want to briefly shed light upon some important issues involved in promotional activities. There are some important dos and don’ts that you can make great use out of.

It is vital to keep your tone natural, organic, and conversational. If you sound too pushy and promotional, you will lose credibility. The audience will not take your words seriously as they might end up believing that you are paid for the promotion and have no personal experience or value of the product. 

This is why drawing examples from real-life experience is very important. It helps maintain conversation and engagement while also discreetly promoting the product/service. 

The information that you provide around the promotion and the context you set it in should be natural and of value to the audience. If you only explain how you used the product and do not describe its features, purposes, design and how to access the product/service, then the content will be of no value to the audience. 

They are not here to read solely about your experience but also to learn, gain knowledge and understand about a product and its usability. 

Also, as mentioned above, when involving a “challenge” for the buyers, it is important to have some kind of incentive and motivation for the audience to act upon the promotion. 

This can be done by offering discounts, bundles, and reduced prices on live videos, or offering discounts by buying the product from a certain link that you have given. The chances of the audience buying or availing the product will be greater if there is some motivation for them.  


Though it may be a bit of work, it’s important to combine a few of these strategies for your affiliate promotional needs. Using only one just won’t drive enough high volume traffic, meaning you’ll lose maximum impact. Combine strategies, and make sure to keep an eye on feedback from your audience to really be successful.

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