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Yootheme and Yootheme 2.0 Review 2020

Yootheme and Yootheme 2.0 Review 2020

Website developers and page builders have gained a lot of attention recently as the need for e-commerce sites and blogs increases. The marketing strategy for so many businesses in various industries has drastically changed. It has become almost impossible and difficult for companies and brands to stay in touch with their wide range of customers through traditional marketing tools.

Companies now depend on blog posts, news articles, and e-mail marketing to remain in touch with their customers and also ensure that you sustain the existing customers. Tools like HubSpot are used for marketing management. Research all around the world shows that marketing practices for most businesses have dramatically changed. In fact, without any digital or online presence, businesses are likely to suffer from low credibility and poor customer relations.

At such times, whether your business is in the health department, education department, or fashion, businesses of all sizes are in constant search for reliable website developers. Some common, popular website developers that come in mind include Square Space and Yootheme.

It is vital that these developers constantly adapt to the dynamic market and make the necessary updates and changes in their features and services. As the digital age is still in a phase of change, there is a great need for developers like these to be flexible and be responsive to changes.

One good example of adaptability is yootheme. They have already developed a 2.0, an updated version of their service. In this article, we will take a look at the new features and review them against the older version.

Yootheme 2.0

While there is a range of website builders and developers all around us, it is important that the builder we choose has the appropriate experience. Yootheme is a relatively recently developed platform that has an approximate experience of 10 years. Based in Germany, the developer has now catered to about 150,000 customers globally.

Yootheme pro 2.0 is an updated, bigger, and better version of the former Yootheme Pro developer. The 2.0 version was developed towards the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Up until March 2020, there still have been some updates and changes being made to the version. A WordPress beta version is up on the up-coming list.

Before we can compare, review and understand the difference between Yootheme and yootheme 2.0 pro version, let’s first look at the new features of 2.0 pro version that many companies, e-commerce businesses, and even individual bloggers can make use of.

The 2.0 version, for user’s ease, comes with a variety of 5 demo websites and videos that further help you understand this new change.

Overall features

The yootheme 2.0 has “dynamic content” as its most prominent and talked-about feature. The dynamic content basically refers to the content extracted or pulled from the two platforms that yootheme develops websites for – WordPress and Joomla. This content can be changed, and constantly adapts to the interactions done with the visitors and audience of the content. As a result, this feature allows a more personalized and customer-centric website layout and elements.

Yootheme develops pages and content elements such as texts, headers, and footers in such a way that they become dynamic rather than static. The benefit of this feature is that all the elements can be dynamic, meaning that the whole site-wide layout can be personalized based on user interactions.

Building complex catalogs

With the launch of yootheme 2.0, you can now make more complex website pages. You can make catalogs, divide the whole page into categories, menus so on.

Customized fields

Another function that the 2.0 has as one of the prominent upgrades is the customized fields. By developing a website with platforms like WordPress, you first only could work with fields that were set at default by these platforms. However, with the 2.0 version, you get to make your own fields.

By making your own fields, you can incorporate dynamic elements into it and therefore develop the most personalized, apt, and suitable website for your own business. This also gives great control and opportunity to editors as they can easily edit their way through the fields and adapt to the externally changing requirements.

Use content from multiple external sources

With the help of the dynamic content feature, this pro version enables you to incorporate content from external sources into your website. For example, on your e-commerce site, you can also run slides and clips of your recent blog post.

  • Fully adaptable content
  • Great ease for website editors
  • Access to third-party integrations and sources
  • Wider range and options of customized fields
  • Improved framework
  • Customizable display of content source
  • Content sources are now expanded to other platforms like WooCommerce
  • Enables you to add specific template and themes to each post, elements, field and other parts of the website
  • More adaptable and still developing and updating
  • Backed by good customer support
  • Informative pages and posts on Yootheme’s home page
  • Some features are still not fully released
  • Pricing plan is not specified as of yet

Differences between yootheme 2.0 and yootheme 

While yootheme 2.0 is rich with popular and awaited features, the former version also needs to be reviewed so that you can decide which version is more suitable for you. Before we look at the differences, let’s first take a quick look at the pricing of yootheme. has a total of 3 plans for Themes. These are:
  • A basic plan priced at £5
  • A standard plan available at £10
  • A developer plan that costs £25

All three of these plans come with lifetime usage and are backed by helpful customer support. The developer plan, however, features an unlimited number of sites compared to the limited number for the rest of the plans.

There are also 2 plans for widgetkit:
  • Standard plan that you can get for £39
  • Developer plan priced at £59

Theme packages

A major difference or change you will see in the 2.0 version is the theme packages. To demonstrate the various new theme packages, yootheme has made it easy for its customers by making demo videos of the demo websites.

However, these packages are to be released.

Edit fields on each post rather than only limited to the whole blog

The former version of yootheme lacked the custom fields feature. However, the significant difference between the two versions is that with the 2.0 pro update, editors and website owners get to make customized templates and layouts for the whole website rather than fixing the layout of each post or content. This offers great comfort to editors in particular. This means that the template can either be set post by post, or a site-wide layout can be designed to maintain consistency.

Every code work was changed.

The framework of the 2.0 is totally changed. They have made the job a lot easier for their clients by taking care of all the coding and reworking the whole framework.

Some other minor but important changes are:

  • New link options
  • Elements are now grouped based on functionality, differently
  • It is only available for Joomla as of now

Choosing a website builder: 

With all this talk about website developers, it is also important to know how you will choose the most suitable developer for your business. It is vital to match the features, adaptability, and the services of the website developer with the needs, purpose, and nature of your own business.

  • Third-party integration

For those who are looking for a website developer for an e-commerce website, third party integration will be a vital feature. This feature allows you to use extensions, plug-ins, and functions of external apps and software. For example, an e-commerce website will need a third-party integration for online payments, such as for PayPal.

Moreover, for efficient marketing management, you might as well need to integrate third-party tools such as Google Analytics. Therefore, a third-party integration feature is a must-have.

  • Customizable templates

Most developers offer a wide range of templates. These are usually pre-designed by experts and professionals, and come with versatile designs to cater to different user needs. However, these templates cannot fulfill your purpose all the time. You might as well have personal preferences of color, textual elements, and other elements, such as imagery and design that you want to implement in the template.

To make sure that you can personalize your own website to the fullest, the templates should be customizable. Yootheme 2.0 not only offers customizable templates but also lets you set a site-wide template, so you don’t have to manage it page by page.

  • Designer-made templates

The impression of your website, whether a blog or an informational site, will hugely depend on the layout. Without these elements in the right place, your audience will not be attentive and will neither be willing to visit again. So, to increase more traffic on your page, make sure that you develop the pages using designer-made templates.

  • Customer support

If you are a blogger, content creator, or a small business starting with their own website, you are likely to face lots of questions and queries. Other than coding, there is so much on the front and back end of a website that you will be unaware of. Here is where the responsiveness of the website developer will come into play. Make sure the company is reliable, responsive, and has easy-to-reach customer support.

  • Trial periods and warrantees

Developers like yootheme, who are customer-centric and wish to cater to customers even with limited budgets, offer really flexible packages. Other than their versatile payment plans, they also offer trial periods and money-back guarantees.

Important steps in website building:

While the majority of the work will be done by the developer, you still need to make some decisions and understand the website on your end. Here are some tips before you go ahead with the website development.

  • Understand the purpose of your website

You need to have a clear vision of your website. Look into it and understand what the main target, purpose, and usage of your website are. Think of what you need to achieve from it, so you can decide on the elements and how they will be incorporated into the site.

  • Define your budget

Don’t go too overboard. More money does not mean an efficient website. There are some website developers that cost more but are unable to guarantee a good user experience. So, first, you go ahead and subscribe to a plan, define your budget, see for how long you will need the service. Accordingly, sign up for the appropriate plan.

  • Know your audience

The main part of this whole process is the audience. The audience is the party consuming your website, who will be going, surfing through several blog posts, and will be fidgeting with the template. Therefore, learn about your audience before you make the website. Make sure you know demographic factors such as age and gender and also understand what impact you need to leave on your audience after they leave your website.


After looking at how the expert team of developers at yootheme has developed the 2.0 pro builder, we can say that there have been some significant changes. These can be vital for the better performance and efficiency of your website, whether it is a small-sized business or an individual-run blog.

The new updates will surely make a difference for their clients. However, the development of the 2.0 pro version is still under process and has a lot of things on the coming soon list. Moreover, the updates such as custom fields and theme packages are only up for Joomla and not for WordPress as of now. Even that being said, many consider Yootheme to be one of the best WordPress page builders out there with an intuitive design many users can take advantage of.

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